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This Week in Links

This Friday Roundup, a weekly list of must-see media news from around the web, is written by Jana Cavnar

With Fourth of July coming up next week, we have BBQs and lazy beach days on the brain. 

Speaking of beaches — admittedly more exotic ones on the Mediterranean — the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was held last week in Cannes, France to determine the best commercials of 2012-2013. The panel of judges watched a whopping 3,125 commercials and whittled the selection down to 21 spots or campaigns. From animation to portraits of beauty, check them all out. 

During the Cannes event, Yahoo! COO Henrique De Castro spoke about the company’s renewed approach to ads. He explained that they’re seeking balance between audience & content, and referred to it as a “twinning strategy.” The plan is to “run ‘native’ ads… that take the form of [Yahoo!’s] new ‘stream ads’ format that takes the look and feel of editorial content, but pair those with audience-targeted banner buys.

On the subject of native advertising… News Corp. is splitting up its entertainment and publishing companies in order to amp up its digital game and compete with sites like BuzzFeed. “Some of the most successful recent start-ups are basically ersatz tabloid journalism,” Robert Thomson, the chief of the new publishing division, told FT. “If we can’t do it better than they can, then we’re not as good as we think we are.” We’re stayed tuned to see how it goes. Until next time…